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Motorsport is expensive, regardless of whether you're just starting out or a regular front runner. Raising sponsorship finance is vital - yet something I always find difficult to do, as at the end of the day, I'm just a truck driver who's quite good on a bike.

When not racing I'm working; and this can make it difficult to find time to chase sponsorship, if you can help me in my 'on track' endeavours by offering me financial support any amount is greatly appreciated.

You can donate here using the established PayPal online secure payment system.
Any contribution, no matter how small, is most welcome.

For 2018, my 36th consecutive year in the sport, I'm looking forward to a 'mix and match' year.

As usual, I'll be documenting my endeavours online for everyone to feel 'part of the team' - there's always 'bits and pieces' I fancy having a go at, and hopefully for 2018 I'll be able to explore some un-ridden territory - but as always, we would have to find  some 'running' money to get to the events and organise the rides; if you could help in any way, please get in touch or if you're in a position to offer products or would like to discuss any alternative forms of sponsorship support for Mike please get in touch.



Thanks everyone, no matter the size of your individual contributions - they're all important!

Personal Promotion

I understand that sponsorship is only successful when it's a 'two way street'. I do my best to look after my current personal product support sponsors.

Internet - WWW
For major sponsors, your funding of me will be hosted on my personally updated website, I also send out a regular  'email shot' - where news updates go to more than 1,500 email contacts.

Promotion and PR
I'm constantly exploring different and unusual  promotional items with the  inclusion of sponsors logos and identities on them.

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