Characters - to name just a few

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Phil looking like he's up to no good, unfortunately he was almost always - up to no good! 

Young 'Simmo' back in 94 looking cool.

Marra Brown passing wind!

Robert Holden waking up and asking for 'two beers' I think!

Ah! Leechy 

Mark Norman laughing at one of his own jokes
- I do it all the time!

Me picking up the silverware at Knockhill in 96, Marra Brown and Pete Jennings look on.

Shaun Barton or John Emmett not sure which!


A very young 'gadge'.


Butter wouldn't melt in his smoke without fire, Frank!

"go on, ask me again for some tyres, go on, I love pleading"

Nigel Bosworth (Bozzy) looking like he's had a hard day at the office

Mick Corrigan trying to look like he knows what he's doing

Colin 'the Jackal' Morris speedily dispatching a small plate of sandwiches.

Matt Llewelyn wins the paddock gurning competition, Dave Jefferies smiles with relief.

Gary Weston working on his bike,
oh, no, sorry - that's his Dad Tony's job!

Me looking at 'the beast' a VR1000 Harley Davidson, "we don't want to hurt each other do we" but of course it did - Daytona 200 '95 - broken collarbone

Iain MacPherson showing of his hairy little legs

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