Some of my pre '95 career highlights

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Me collecting my British Junior Stock Championship award in 1988, one of my heros, Steve Webbo' and Carl somebody presented it to me!

Chris Carter in full Blah Blah mode at Thruxton in 1993, Barry Rudd and I chat about who's going to get the bubbly! I won and squirted it.

The 1989 Belstaff Road Racing Team. Look carefully, there are some very unsavory characters, how many can you name?

1994 at Oulton Park. A very young Dave 'King of the Potato People' Jefferies and I ask what the hell this old bloke with glasses was doing out on the track, (it took me ages to catch him). It turned out it was my old mucker Charlie Williams, and he knows his way round there - that's for sure!

Selfies, before selfies became fashionable! Some of my bestest mates, Colin 'the Jackal' Morris, Iain Duffus, and some bloke who knows his way round the T.T.

1990 at Donington Park, I was just beginning to learn to 'blah, blah' on the mic as well as win 1300 Production races. Roger Milne and Dean 'Fatty' Ashton took the runner up spots.

Mine is bigger than yours says Steve Hislop, well his Trophy is anyway, he won and I was second in 1994 Macau GP.

1993 North West 200 600 Super Sport runner up. Yes, that's me! Mad dog Moodie won with 'Yer Man'  on left coming  3rd.

This was the first MuZ Racer - 1994 at the Birmingham NEC Bike Show. Dave Pearce of Tigcraft turned a show mock-up in to a race bike in just 3 weeks. Raced it at Donington Park in probably the largest gathering of international super mono machines, finished 7th, not bad for a stock motor!

"Hello Darling" - this babe 'Sandrine' chose Michael Rutter over me, despite all my chat up lines! Some mad Irish bloke on the left gets ready to come second behind ME!

Man with his 'Work Hog'.

I love these bikes - I'm not joking they are really good, they'd have to be for me to buy one!

The Main Man - Serge Rossett (Mr ROC)
at the Macau GP prize ceremony. Left is '94 came 2nd - and right is '95, we won.

At the end of '87 Yamaha held the World TZR Challenge, final round at Brands Hatch.

Riders from all over the world - they would have to pick Brands Hatch - not so exotic a location.

Bike went sick on second lap - retired.

1995 I won the inaugural Triumph Speed Triple Race at Donington. Here in a post race competition to out 'bu$$hit' Dave 'Big Deal' Heal to get some sponsorship from Shell's Roger Gollicker.

Fred Clark the world renowned commentator used to say 'it's business as usual' when we climbed on the box, good mates and bloody great riders, Iain Duffus and Ian Simpson.  

1995 ended well for me, I won the British 600 Super Sport Championship from Dave 'Big Deal' Heal. Taking 2nd place in the race meant I won overall by just one point!

Steve 'Plate of Chips' took third in the race, and my son Dale came along for the ride on the Race Winners Car.

My first endurance race, the Bol d'Or in 1994. With Phase One, Steve Manley and Rob Holden.
What a race, we finished 2nd.

Three devils the pair of us if ever there was one! Out in Macau, Ken Hobson (Kiwi) Simon Beck, my mechanic Kev, John 'Barty' Barton, and Lee Pullan downing a few 'scoops'.

A thing of beauty, 1994 at Macau GP this was the bike I rode to second place behind Steve Hislop.  

How gorgeous? This fabulous machine was spannered by Gerard, on the left, and I would have to say, was just the best bike I have ever ridden in my whole life.   


1995 at Daytona one of the Harley Davidson Technicians performing a miracle on the Tigcraft VR1000 racer.

It lasted all of 4 laps before it went pop!


Picture of the head shows some of the carnage.

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