European circuits – overview

Czech Republic

20. Brno
Fast, wide and great to ride. Long downhill and uphill rises in beautiful countryside, make it my No. 2 International circuit.

21. Most
A relatively small circuit with a tight and twisty section then running round the back of the pit complex into some long sweeping bends, a good balance of turns, a very grippy abrasive surface but slightly bumpy in sections
A small tight and twisty track with a long back straight into a hairpin and tight left/right corners. Not a great selection of turns to play with but good for working on slower switchback corners.


22. Imola
A very demanding track of almost 5k with a mix of chicanes, fast bends and lots of blind crests with long up and down hill sections to deal with, on top of that it’s bumpy in places! The chicane at the end of the lap near the start/finish line is the only negative thing.

23. Misano
Used to run anti clockwise, but turned around in 2007. Flat and smooth with good safety. A triple right hand corners at the end back straight is a bit scary but the key to a quick lap! A couple of slow corners forming a long chicane section and a beautiful cambered left corner thrown in.

24. Monza
Set in a public park among the trees this a beautiful and iconic track. Quick straights and quick corners, only spoilt by a daft chicane at turn one.

25. Mugello
Fantastic is the best single word, beautiful part of the World to start with and the circuit is uber fast and flowing with the king of all home straights, a real must!

26. Vallelunga
The track is a very physical one, no time to rest –  a couple of slow tight corners, I enjoy riding there, a couple of very fast and opening corners and a parabolica type final corner.

27. Varano
The smallest circuit I’ve raced at since Three Sisters in the 80’s, short straights and tight turns, basically a big kart track, good fun on a small capacity machine.


28. Circuit Carole
The Parisian version of Three Sisters. Owned by the local council and built with the main aim to stop local heroes from killing themselves racing round the nearby industrial park. Named after the last person to die racing on the industrial estate, a girl called ‘Carole’.

29. Croix-en-Ternois
Small and tight similar to Nogaro in length and feel but not suiting a larger capacity machine, ideal for shake down testing with a good selection of corners to use.

30. Dijon
Another small track which if you look at the circuit plan doesn’t show the elevation changes that really make the track fabulous to ride; a stunning last corner onto the start straight, however being mostly a car circuit there’s not much run off.

31. Ledenon
Built on top of a hill, it is usually windy and has more ups and downs than anywhere else I’ve ever been to, apart from Portimao.
A great rural circuit that proves challenging yet rewarding to ride.

32. Le Mans
Very hard on the body, with lots of slow-big braking corners.
Turn one uber fast entry into a tight chicane, a long looping left/right over a rise which needs a lot time to master.
Probably the slippiest track in the wet I have ever ridden.

33. Magny-Cours
The first couple of corners are fast and flowing, the rest of the circuit is a selection of hairpins and stop – start bits difficult to keep a rhythm! Current home of the Bol d’or 24hr race.

34. Nogaro
A small tight and twisty track with a long back straight into a hairpin and tight left/right corners. Not a great selection of turns to play with but good for working on slower switchback corners.

35. Paul Ricard
Old home of the Bol’Dor – one of the longest straights anywhere, now with a chicane half way down, fantastic corner at the end of the straight. An F1 test circuit, acres of big kerbs and painted sections can confuse you at first. Ask anyone who’s ridden there and they’ll tell you it’s great! It is.


36. Albacete
High up in the mountains quite a tight and twisty track. Technique means it’s all about getting in to a rhythm to get a quick lap.

37. Alcarras
A great test circuit having a good balance of corners to play with, slightly bumpy in places which adds to the ride, also a great down hill double apex left hand bend with bumps and cambers, challenging is the word here.

38. Almeria
High in the mountains with a long back straight then a punishing selection of long sweeping corners and a tight chicane to play with, hard on front tyres as you are pushing the front everywhere. Watch out for the wind that can cause issues.

39. Andalucia
A true test track, no start or finish area, very technical lots of blind entry corners, bumpy in places, difficult to learn, due to lack of visual references and markers.

40. Calafat
Small rural circuit, really technical and challenging track. Good combination of pith path chicanes. Being close to the sea it can be windy to the point that track action is halted.

41. Cartagena
Another smaller circuit that a lot of teams like to test at as there are many sections that have a similar feel to UK circuits. A few small rises and falls to play with plus some front end pushing bits to practice with.

42. Catalunya
Great iconic GP track with a long straight and quite wide, fast and flowing, some gradient changes to deal with, a little like Brno.

43. Espana
A combination of Almeria and Andalucia very long, about 9.5k it’s a track of two halves, good to add some variety to a long track day trip, but simply due to the length it limits the number of laps per session.

44. Jerez
Set in a natural stadium this is one track that is still of it’s original format; with a couple of hairpins thrown in to slow the action right down. A thing to watch for here is the sand blowing on to the track!

45. Motorland Aragon
Built on top of a hill making a spectacular circuit, where it can be windy. Smooth and fast with a long back straight, a cork screw type section and a few tight bits thrown in too. Challenging but well worth the work.

46. Parcmoto Castelloli
Loads of fun; built in an old quarry clinging on to the hillside. A massive incline to deal with as you basically climb the hill with sweeping corners all the way, then the back straight at the top of the hill then a long sweeping section down the hill. There’s a bridge you cross giving it a real switch back kind of feel. Bumpy in places with not a great deal of run off so play safe in places.

47. Valencia
A great spectator circuit, set in a basin so the surrounding banking offers a superb vista allowing an almost 100% view of a lap.
To ride it’s quite hard and demanding, with a down hill start/finish straight then slowly climbing up through a series of sweeping corners up to the back straight which has a fast kink towards the end. A great last section and last corner, but over all not my favourite place.


48. Estoril
Very quick, with some tricky ‘off camber’ tightening up corners to catch you out! Mega fast start and finish straight with a tight right at the end, a real test of your straight line braking ability. Last corner a parabolica opening out on to the main straight.

49. Portimao
A massive roller coaster circuit, very challenging with many blind sections bumps and surface changes to deal with. First and last corners are ‘special’ in my book, ride it and see for yourself.


50. Spa Francorchamps
Fantastic! Just the best mix of corners with breath taking scenery and scary fast sweeping bends. Difficult to get right – but when you do – no question, it’s the No. 1 in Europe for me! Another iconic track where you just feel special riding there. 

51. Gedinne
A road circuit that is great to ride. Obviously more caution required than compared to a short circuit; but if ridden with this in mind, a great track. Mostly flat but there’s a section dropping through a small valley/woods section in a dip which is great then a fast run down to the finish line where there is a chicane another great section, just make sure you’ve got some brakes left.


52. Pannoniaring
Great test track, very safe with a good mix of corners, grippy and smooth. Perfect place to set up your machine.

The Netherlands

53. Assen
Fast and flowing track, heavily modified over the years, some very fast kinks in the track can catch you out, also the first few corners link together to form a long loop ending with a very tight left hairpin on to the back straight. Tricky to get right, quite long and hard to learn. Grippy and smooth, No. 3 of my favourite International tracks.


54. Linkoping
A small rural circuit in a country park, long back straight, the rest of the track is short sharp, either hairpin or 90 degree corners, very little run off. Fun to ride, but caution required.


55. Aarhus
A truck test facility in the north of Denmark. Only used by clubs to have short races on. Simple to learn being only a mile long with a decent straight then several hairpins.


56. Hockenheim
Another track which has been heavily modified over the years, with a classic narrow infield section, and a newer more open section of circuit including a ‘motorway corner’- one that feels like a straight but is actually a long gradual, ultra fast bend.

57. Lausitzring
The Rockingham of Germany, a tri oval Nascar type circuit with a massive infield section. No elevation but difficult to find good reference point being so bland on the infield.

58. Nurburgring
Quite fast, with some slightly banked corners. A bit hilly, the GP track has a very similar feel to Brno. The penultimate corner is a chicane with a high speed approach, a real test of your braking ability.

59. Oschersleben
Very flat circuit with no elevation to deal with, a few sweeping corners and chicanes to use. My favourite bit of the track is three left corners taken at full lean, all needing to be linked together – get it right and it’s great! A really good development track with a UK feel to it.

60. Sachsenring
Built in the middle of an industrial park, lots of elevation changes to deal with, turn one to turn twelve, the bike is at full angle of lean, left to right, many corners having to be linked together to form a good lap. A real test of being able to link corners together and pushing the front end. Great track.


61. Slovakiaring
Monster track, seriously quick, long fast corners and four overpasses that create some ‘interesting’ sections with elevation and blind entry. It’s one of my favourite European circuits.


62. Colmar Berg
Continental Tyre’s test facility. Long straight then a never ending series of tight corners making your way back the start of the straight again. No run off at all, not a great bike circuit safety wise but fun with common sense.


63. A1 Ring
A traditional older circuit compromising of three straights with tight corners at the end of each then just before the end of the lap a few sweeping corners that save the track from being very dull. More a car track, straight line in to hairpin, straight line in to hairpin – not my favourite type of track at all.


64. Grobnik
Near Rijeka an old rural circuit, great selection of corners, set at the foot of mountains, it’s got the same feel as Most, CZ. A good circuit to ride, not much rest apart from the back straight, I enjoyed riding it.