Support Me

I’ve been racing since 1982, and I still look forward to getting on track.
It’s great now that I share all my riding and racing experience online, so that everyone can feel ‘part of the team’.
There’s ‘bits and pieces’ I fancy having a go at, and hopefully for 2020/21 I’ll be able to explore some un-ridden territory – but as always, I’ll have to find  some ‘running’ money to get to the events and organise the rides. Plus I’d like to increase my ‘on track’ and ‘online’ education and information streams for less experience riders and races to be able to benefit from my hard worked for experience; to offer this facility I can’t ‘fake it up’ – I actually have to get out on track and ride the bike to record the video footage for my ‘info vids’ and track guides. If you could help cover my costs in any way, if you’re in a position to offer products or would like to discuss any alternative forms of sponsorship support, please get in touch.

Motorsport is expensive, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or a regular front runner and raising sponsorship finance is vital part of getting on track; yet it can prove something that’s difficult to do. When not racing I’m working; and this can make it difficult to find time to chase sponsorship, if you can help me in my ‘on track’ endeavours by offering me financial support any amount is greatly appreciated.
You can ‘click to donate’ here using the established PayPal online secure payment system. Any contribution, no matter how small, is most welcome.

Thanks everyone, no matter the size of your individual contributions – they’re all important!