Brands Hatch – updates.

It’s years since I did my original Brands Hatch ‘how I ride’ track guide – in fact it used video footage from morning warm up when I was riding in the Ducati Cup at BSB. So, time for an update. I managed to find two consecutive track days, where it was GP layout and the Indy the next day.

First time I rode an S1000RR at Brands I embarrassingly crashed at Sheene – it simply turned in much quicker than I expected, the BMW being more nimble than Cato the ZX10 and it took me by surprise, casings touched on the kerb and it was all over…
Bearing this in mind, I returned to record video to update the guide.

Did all day on the GP track and then next day, luckily on the Indy circuit, I got the footage I needed early in the first session, as I was black flagged for noise, yes seriously on the shop demo bike, and sent home for being ‘a racer on a race bike’…

Sample video here: Brands update lap taster

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