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NEW Virtual Track Walk

* introductory offer – £65 *
regular price after offer £70

Virtual track walk – give yourself an advantage with an in-depth online personalised track guide session to discuss and go over any bogey sections you might have issues with or just to find out more detail. A two way discussion, I use onboard video, annotations and Google Maps to get you the best experience from your virtual track walk, you get to keep the session to re-watch – click the screenshot to watch a sample session.

Please email screenshot/proof of purchase of your purchased track guide to and we can set up the zoom call where I’ll give you a step by step in-depth review of the circuit and answer any questions you have.

Don’t have a guide already? Special offer guide plus virtual track walk £90 – saving £5 from regular price – click here:

Which track guide to download?

* Online Coaching – £95 *

Online coaching is something I’m really enthusiastic about – most people run a camera now, and can easily benefit from my coaching experience and knowledge without the financial commitment involved in having 1 to 1 on track coaching day with me. You send me your own onboard footage, I assess it, make suggestions and offer ideas for improvement, using voice over and annotations, returning to you the recorded session that you can refer back to time and time again.

Click ‘buy now’ to purchase an online coaching session for £95 – then you’ll be taken to a page with the link to click and upload your video.

COVID Online Combo * special offer *

As the majority of us have suffered from reduced track time during 2020 I’m offering a combination of online learning tools:
* an ‘instant download’ circuit guide of your choice 
* a ‘distance coaching’ review of a lap using your own onboard video
for just £75.

Regular price of these two online learning tools = £120
– so the COVID Online Combo for £75 – saves you £45!

You upload your video, I watch it, and then record video comments and make annotations on top of your onboard footage and send it back to you.