I coach one person per day when pre booked by a coaching client at a trackday of their choice.
I don’t do ‘open pit lane’ days in the UK, I don’t go to a trackday unless pre booked and my UK coaching doesn’t start before the 1st of April.

To arrange coaching with me you find a track that you are comfortable with, I’d recommend picking one you’ve done before and are confident at; then find a track day company and suitable day, it’s best if you can offer me a selection of dates so that we can find one that works for both of us. Once we’ve settled on a date, you book and pay for two places in a suitable group, you may have a better idea to start with which sort of group you’ll be comfortable in; sometimes there is the opportunity to change groups during the day, should it be necessary. Before booking if you are in any doubt about the group please ring me and we can discuss it further. Once you have booked and paid for two places, you email me the booking reference then I send you two copies of my terms and conditions. When you’ve read through them, and if happy, sign both copies keeping one copy for your records and return the other one to me with the deposit for my day rate.

Additional expenses depend on which track we use, and the price of fuel; I’m not looking to make money but to cover my costs. Croft, Oulton, Cadwell and Donington Park I travel to on the morning of the coaching day, but for all other tracks my additional expenses include the cost of a B&B the night before. Euro trackdays, I’m happy to coach on them; my day rate is the same as a UK day, but obviously the track day cost and getting there is a different consideration from a UK trackday. If it’s a multiple day and you don’t want to do each of the days yourself, it can help to share the total track/travel costs if you can find other riders on the same trip to share the costs by having a coaching day each themselves. Please contact me about the cost of the Euro days, as it depends when and where; I may decide drive myself rather than use the trackday transport package, as sometimes it’s not convenient have the coaching bike out of commission while it’s travelling on the truck. If you fancy Euro coaching please get in touch using the form below, and we can discuss costs when you’ve decided when and where you fancy going.

The reason I only do 1-2-1 coaching is because in the beginning I did try to coach two friends on the same day, but it quickly became obvious that it wasn’t going to work. As if you think that you only get six sessions, seven if you are lucky on a good day – that only gives three sessions each.
You can see that if you only had three sessions, there wouldn’t really be much opportunity to plan and try to work on different things before your turn was over. All this of course is if the day’s running smoothly – imagine if one friend had great sessions, and the other suffered red flags in each of theirs – not such a great day for them.
I suppose it all comes down to me feeling that I’ve been able to give someone a good day, and history has shown me that splitting the day between two people just means that neither of them feels that they’ve had good value for money. I coach because I enjoy it and genuinely want to help people through the benefit of my knowledge gained from many years racing on track, I am not interested in a “bums on seats” approach – for me that would be too much like going to work!

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